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"Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum" (CD + BLU-RAY) Boxset Top Sales
《陳柏宇 Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum》(CD + BLU-RAY) Boxset推出一週銷量稱冠

Chen Boyu's filming demonstration comes with Card Game gameplay

With Chen Bo's unique commentary, try to solve problems for netizens

Finally play to the end of the "Fly" card

Jason Chan's second solo concert "Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum" CD + BLU-RAY Boxset was officially released last week amid the expectations of many music fans. Good news came a week later, and the sales were top of the list! Many fans not only talked about watching the disc and relived the emotion of watching the show that day, but also published the Card Game in the po talk box, which became a hot topic among fans.

Jason took advantage of Boxset's launch last week. In addition to playing live unboxing on social platforms, he also personally signed a CD at a physical CD store in Mong Kok. He received enthusiastic support from fans for the concert BLU-RAY from the pre-sale to the launch. Of course he is happy! "I'm so happy! Because the concert is really good, haha! In fact, in addition to being able to help fans watch the disc and review it, some fans may not be able to see it that day. I can see the details clearly, and I can see the scheming that we put into the concert. If everyone can broadcast it on a big TV, they will have the same feeling of being there! From the house, Zhong can scream at will and bury his family. Friends watch it together and get it, Shimi is good to come first? But remember not to make noise to the neighbors..."

Although Boxset was launched later than the original time, many fans said that it was "worth the wait"! All because Boxset is beautifully crafted. In fact, in addition to the CD and BLU-RAY, this Boxset also has a Card Game that comes with the CD and is not for sale. There are many famous sayings about "Wake Up" on the stack of cards. Jason hopes that when fans are troubled, they can draw cards to find "answers", just like he is by everyone's side, solving problems for everyone. Many fans had a great time playing. Although some of the words were confusing, they seemed to match Jason's "Chen Bo" style, and the fans were very disappointed.

In order to let everyone clearly understand the gameplay of this Card Game, Jason made a special video and put it on his YouTube channel to demonstrate it himself. He collected questions from netizens in advance, and drew cards on his behalf. After getting the results, he added the unique insights of "Chen Bo", hoping to solve problems for netizens. At first, Jason said it a few times, and it seemed like it, but the more and more "accidents" were drawn at the end, he was even more treacherous and had to draw cards again. When he found that he couldn't justify himself, he "flyed" the cards in his hand like a child. . Jason finally "asked" whether the Card Game in his hand could replace the tarot cards, and even make him a new generation of fortune teller, which is very funny!

Jason even more hilariously "reverse sales" at the end of the film, attracting fans to buy CDs with Card Game. "Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum" CD + BLU-RAY Boxset Due to limited production, there is only a small amount of stock left for sale in the market, so please hurry up.

Jason Chan "Fight For__" Concert Card Game Unboxing: