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born singerA-LinChampion albumLINK》 Super tear jerking title love song "Friends"MV 5/11Officially launched 
<strong>天生歌姬</strong><strong>A-Lin</strong><strong>冠軍專輯《</strong><strong>LINK》 </strong><strong>超強催淚主打情歌〈摯友〉</strong><strong>MV 5/11</strong><strong>正式上線</strong> 

Create King Zhou Xingzhe Golden Song Lyricist Ge Dawei is a natural singerA-LinThe three strong team members interpret the best friends who can't fall in love 

Zeng Jinghua, a rookie with billions of box office strengthsMVThe protagonist's moving interpretationA-LinFan True Story A-Lindeeply moved 

Echoing the favorite movie "Ultimate Bodyguard", as Whitney Houston makes a gorgeous debut as a superstar in the movie to pay tribute to the idol 

Since the release of the album "LINK" sung by the born singer A-Lin, it has successively won the number one, physical and radio charts and achieved good results. The latest title song "Best Friend" is a love song jointly created by the creator king Zhou Xingzhe and the golden song lyricist Ge Dawei The masterpiece is also the most anticipated super tear-jerking love song by fans. "Best Friend" won the on-demand title of "Asian New Songs" before it became the first hit. Last week, A-Lin appeared on the large-scale variety show "Praise for the Song" after three years, and publicly sang "Best Friend" for the first time. 》, the sincere and moving interpretation conquered the audience. After winning the championship in this episode, the MV of "Best Friend" was finally launched today (5/11) under everyone's high expectations. However, when the MV was filmed, A-Lin was not in Taiwan. In addition to the impact of the epidemic, the difficulty of filming was greatly increased. Therefore, she challenged the cloud shooting for the first time. The story of the MV is the true story of A-Lin's fans, so "Best Friend" is regarded as a close link between A-Lin and fans. The director Yao Guozhen, who worked with her on the "Not Single" MV, is invited to take charge, and is directed by Yi Yi. Ten thousand box office rookie, the movie "The Name Engraved in Your Heart" starring Zeng Jinghua, this is also the first time Zeng Jinghua has performed a MV for a song that is not his own drama, and it is also the first work he has met with the audience after he retired from the army. Zeng Jinghua is superb A-Lin's acting skills made A-Lin, who was filming across the screen, say, "I was very moved, and I want to cry with him." A-Lin's new album "LINK" has been fully released, and the latest title "Best Friend" MV, 5/11 Official YouTube was officially launched. 

The super-strong title love song "Best Friend" is a dream collaboration between Zhou Xingzhe, the Asian creative king, Ge Dawei, the best lyricist of the Golden Melody Award, and the queen of the song, A-Lin. This song has been the most enthusiastic response from fans since the album was released. 's single, are looking forward to hearing A-Lin sing and launch the MV. Last weekend, A-Lin's performance on the program "Praise for the Song" continued to be well received. Immediately after the songwriter Zhou Xingzhe also released a cover version in the community, fans and netizens shouted "It's so good", A-Lin especially in Zhou Xingzhe Club The group left a message: "Beyond the original song!" Zhou Xingzhe also replied: "Sister, no one can surpass you!" The cute interaction made the song even more enthusiastic. A few days ago, the actor Zeng Jinghua suddenly posted a post on the community, and seemed to write in a mood like "When the daily life becomes impermanent, what are we really left to look up to?" And marked A-Lin at the end of the article, making many fans guess the two Whether there is any new cooperation between people, A-Lin left a message and replied: "Are you free to chat?" Zeng Jinghua also replied: "How about 5/11?" Detonate anticipation! 

The first collaboration between A-Lin and Zeng Jinghua was the shooting of the MV for "Best Friends", but because A-Lin was not in Taiwan, the two had to work together in space. The story of the MV is the true story of A-Lin fans. Zeng Jinghua, who was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for Best New Actor, plays the role of a loyal fan of A-Lin. Big or small, he will take photos and upload them and mark them with A-Lin to share, just like he posted on his community PO a few days ago, it turned out to be echoing the plot of the MV. Originally, A-Lin felt that fans treated her as a close friend to share everything, and was very happy, but as time passed, she checked the fan's messages and photos one by one, only to discover the hidden story, so for this purpose. A fan sang the song "Best Friend", which also revealed the touching and sentimental story behind it. In the MV, Zeng Jinghua is often acting alone, and the director gave him a lot of room to play. Because of his profound performance, the MV has more tension. Zeng Jinghua said: "I am very happy to be able to shoot the MV of A-Lin, and I hope this story can be made. It's more complete." A-Lin watched Zeng Jinghua's performance and kept praising the excellent acting, which made the story of the song more moving. 

天生歌姬A-Lin冠軍專輯《LINK》 超強催淚主打情歌〈摯友〉MV 5/11正式上線 

Taking the true stories of fans as the blueprint for the MV, A-Lin said, "This is a link between fans and artists, and it's a wonderful fate. Some people will talk about artists as good sisters, while others will call their favorite artists. For a husband or wife, it is a compliment for an artist!" A-Lin also said that the song "Best Friend" is for fans, "Many people have very similar stories, I hope this song will make everyone There is the same resonance." There is also a hidden easter egg in the MV to pay tribute to the idol, because A-Lin's favorite movie is "The Ultimate Bodyguard", the superstar played by the heroine Whitney Houston and the bodyguard have a good impression of each other, but they are forced to In reality, the relationship of "best friends" is maintained, just like the lyrics of "best friends", and the director also specially arranged for A-Lin to appear in the MV like Whitney Houston in the movie, and make A-Lin's appearance as a superstar in a gorgeous and beautiful way, so that A-Lin can be seen as an idol. Salute, let the "Best Friends" MV present a double meaning, not only the connection between A-Lin and the real story of the fans, but also the link between A-Lin as a fan and an idol. 

A-Lin's new album "LINK" has been fully released, and the latest MV "Best Friend" is officially launched on 5/11 official YouTube.