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born singerA-LinA new album to be released soonLINK》closestA-Lin Soul Works 4/8 Full release 
<strong>天生歌姬</strong><strong>A-Lin</strong><strong>即將發行全新唱作專輯《</strong><strong>LINK》</strong><strong>最貼近</strong><strong>A-Lin靈魂的作品 4/8 </strong><strong>全面發行</strong> 

explore4Year and a half of the soul journey to enjoy the fragrant age38The confident beauty of music is the best no matter how the world changesLINK 

The second time as music director Ai Yiliang, Zhou Xingzhe, Zhang Zhenyue, Ge Da, Zhang Jianjunwei and other gold medal musicians jointly created 

The album cover flips the famous painting "Creation of Adam" incarnation of Eve Blonde short hair debut, funny saying that inspiration came from "Bao Mom" 

Wearing a haute couture weighing 5 kilograms, it is dreamy and beautiful, full of royal aristocratic charm 

After four years, A-Lin is about to release a new album on 4/8. Sony Music has devoted all its efforts to carefully crafting it. Since the end of last year, A-Lin's new album plan has been launched, and three well-received songs will be released in succession. The singles "Rotate", "ROMADIW" and "My Resentment" represent the LINK between her and her family, her clan and society, and this series of LINKs is exactly what A-Lin wants to convey "No matter how the world changes, Music is the best LINK", and "LINK", which is quite similar to her name, has officially become the name of A-Lin's new album! This is her second time as the music director of the album. The overall concept stems from the 38-year-old A-Lin's observation and perception of the world. "Producer" A-Lin said: "This will be the closest song ever to singer A-Lin. -Lin's soul album." A-Lin recently released a teaser video for the new album and two new sets of sexy looks, which made all circles feel A-Lin's ambition to upgrade from music to styling! The album cover echoes the theme of "LINK", replaying the famous painting of the century "Creation of Adam", the A-Lin version is adapted into a gorgeous Eve, and the hand of God in the original painting is turned into a human and mechanical hand, completely conveying "A Link" With Universe" concept! A-Lin's new album "LINK", 4/8 digital platform and physical channel, is fully on the shelves. 

In the last album of the same name, A-Lin challenged the position of producer for the first time. After four and a half years of new work, she once again challenged to be the music director of the album. Producer A-Lin said that the album name "LINK" is 38 years old. A-Lin, through the viewing angle of a 38-year-old woman, uses music to connect with the world and talk about her feelings about the world. Just like the new crown epidemic affecting the world, the connection between people has changed dramatically, but music is the best LINK ( link). Singer A-Lin said: "The 'LINK' album was conceived as a connection between the world and my 38-year-old life, and of course it contains the most important element of my growth, 'music'." And A-Lin invited her for the new album. The admiring producer friends Fergus and Derrick collaborated, and gathered the works of top creators such as Ai Yiliang, Zhou Xingzhe, Zhang Zhenyue, Ge Dawei, Zhang Jianjunwei, etc. Through the LINK with these creators, the new album has added richer connotations ! Coincidentally, A-Lin and the two producers, Fergus and Derrick, were both born in the post-80s, and it happened that "3" and "8" played music together, making "38" the Lucky Number of this album. 

The album cover of "LINK" is conceived with the concept of "A Link With Universe", which echoes the theme of the album "LINK". The protagonist Adam was adapted into the female character "Eve", mainly because this album is mainly based on the perspective of a 38-year-old female. Many songs on the album are also full of female consciousness and characteristics. The cover changes the hand of God in the original painting into a human one. Hand and a robotic arm, symbolizing LINK from the past to the future, no matter how the world changes, music is the best link! The shape of the cover is a very new attempt for A-Lin. She first appeared in the album with short retro blonde hair. Before the shooting, she looked at herself with short hair in the mirror and said with a smile: "The inspiration for this hairstyle is Bao Mama (Wu Kangren's character) from "The Beginning of Hua Deng"!" Made the audience laugh! Then she put on the haute couture from the Dutch duo designer brand VIKTOR & ROLF, with the theme of "THE NEW ROYALS", like turning the cheerleading balls into huge puff sleeves and collars, dreamy and ironic Humorous, this Chinese dress weighing more than 5 kilograms, the shipping fee from the Netherlands alone exceeds 6 figures of Taiwan dollars, but after wearing it, it is really full of posture, A-Lin's casual look shows the royal family. Style and aura! 

A-Lin's new album "LINK" 4/8 is available on all digital platforms and physical channels.