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little dust (Lil' Ashes) 2022 New works released infinish it don't quit> 
<strong>小塵埃</strong><strong> (Lil’ Ashes) 2022 </strong><strong>年推出新作〈</strong><strong>finish it don’t quit〉</strong> 

songs and MV Now exposed! 

Conflict between couples is real 

Jonathan hero rescue Pollie Win appreciation! 

After Lil' Ashes released the sweet work "Second Confession" last year, which nakedly revealed the two people's completely different personalities but could live in harmony, this time again, the focus is on the relationship between the two, and it took many months to concoct the latest work. <finish it don't quit>. The songs are mainly in English, with a few Cantonese sentences added for correspondence. The long-time collaborators Yiding and Dongcheng are the arrangers and producers respectively. The songs reach the international level! 

It is inevitable that the relationship between two people has highs and lows, and the same is true for Pollie and Jonathan, who have been together for many years. Fortunately, the concave and the convex are in perfect harmony. This time, "finish it don't quit" once again witnessed the evolution of Xiaochen. The electronic music style and Jonathan's guitar brought out the stage of increasing contradictions in the love relationship, even as Jonathan sang a few. The lyrics are like a couple quarreling, but in the end, because they think of the original intention of love and return to the starting point of love, they can resolve conflicts and sublimate the relationship. This is believed to be an experience that every couple has. 

The MV was filmed in Xiabaini, a famous scenic spot, Jonathan said, "Originally, the MV production team wanted to shoot in the morning, which felt more sunny, but I felt that the song presented a mood of dusk, so I asked to shoot later, and it came out. We are also very satisfied with the results.” 

小塵埃 (Lil’ Ashes) 2022 年推出新作〈finish it don’t quit〉 

There was a small accident during the shooting. There was a scene where I needed to hold the burning fireworks. Pollie was accidentally burned. "Of course I was very nervous when I saw Pollie injured. Fortunately, it was only a slight injury, but it made me a little worried." Visible. How tight Jonathan is on Pollie. The ground at the filming site was full of mud, and Pollie, who has always been a bit of a clean nut, was afraid of getting his shoes dirty. Jonathan picked up Pollie and walked over without saying a word, and won the praise of the staff. Jonathan took great care of Pollie, and the couple was as sweet as in the MV. Explosion, envy others! 

little dust (Lil' Ashes) – finish it don't quit MV: