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For "Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum" (CD + BLU-RAY) Boxset pop-up Mong Kok record store
為《陳柏宇 Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum》(CD + BLU-RAY) Boxset 快閃旺角唱片店

Chen Boyu listens to the demands of music fans and hopes to hold a walking concert

Jason Chan (Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum) (CD + BLU-RAY) Boxset due to the epidemic caused many delays in production. After several twists and turns, it was finally released yesterday. The Shin Mong Kok record store met with music fans and distributed limited-edition autograph cards, which attracted a large number of music fans to chase stars. In order to attract Jason's attention, the music fans even came up with their own tricks, which made Jason smile.

Jason visited a number of record stores in the evening last night to meet with fans, and many fans came, making the scene packed. It was rare to see an idol, and fans all tried to attract Jason's attention. Some of them specially made the shape of the concert into a three-dimensional puzzle to come to support, and some children fans asked Jason about the details of the concert behind the scenes. Jason was careful and detailed. As one of the fans was out of town, his family came to the scene so that the other party could face time to meet Jason. Jason also picked up his mobile phone and took a photo with the other party. The scene was interesting but also very heart-warming.

However, most people at the scene sang to Jason, hoping that he can sing works that have not been performed in concerts such as "Tower of Babel", "Back Row Celebration Banquet", "Goodbye Goodbye", etc. After Jason heard the appeal , I got a touch and said: "You can think about doing a Side Track concert, and then you can sing a song at a venue that is not a show. For example, you can hold a walking concert at a traffic light intersection, and the team Band is in the car. Go slowly, I will walk all the way in the front of the car and sing all the way, and the audience who wants to hear will go with me, listen together, and sing together!"

Due to the restrictions of the epidemic, Jason could only meet with music fans in a hurry at yesterday's pop-up event. He frankly said that he hopes to hold an autograph event as soon as possible, so that he can gather with more music fans.