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Sudden surprise! New songs not released in recorded version    acoustic onetake Be the first to expose! 
<strong>突發驚喜!未推出錄音版本新歌</strong><strong>    acoustic </strong><strong>一</strong><strong>take </strong><strong>過率先曝光!</strong> 

Bo Zhilun Alan Po Impress fans with the most sincere imperfect sound 

Alan PoThe self-playing and self-singing version of the new song is the first to debut! 

Birdman (demo title “Before” [acoustic version]) 

Alan Po revealed on his Instagram last week that he was about to release a new song, and asked fans to guess which superhero the song was named after, and it turned out to be "Birdman"! In contrast to the practice of having new songpai stations and then having other versions, Alan launched the acoustic version first. The song has the same name as "Birdman", which won the Oscar for the best film, and is also the voice of Alan's experience in the past few years, "Although the acoustic version is not perfect, please don't mind the fans, this is not necessarily the best, but it is definitely To present my truest face, I hope to bring a different feeling to everyone, first to experience this piece I like very much." Alan's most original voice is a warm response! 

The song, which was written two years ago, was originally titled "Before", "I want to write about the difference between the past and the present. From being the lead voice of Mr. to having been doing personal development for 4 or 5 years, I have experienced different Ups and downs and wind and frost have made me who I am today with a strong heart, so I want to express my current feelings with "The Birdman", and I also hope to use this song to encourage people who are facing difficulties in the current epidemic." I believe that many people now There are also different troubles, holding on to the hope that there will eventually be dawn, Alan brings comfort and support to everyone with "The Birdman". 

This time, Alan went against tradition and released an acoustic version of the song before the studio version of "Bird Man" came out, bringing surprises to fans! Alan said, "This is the first recorded version. Even if there are some flaws in it, I thought it was not good enough, but I decided to use this version to let everyone feel the real me." The movie "Birdman" is also the main Shooting with a long lens coincides with the self-playing and self-singing version of this acoustic one-shot. 

Immediately after its release, the acoustic version of "Bird Man" received a lot of praise, and some netizens mentioned, "Just relying on a guitar and a single voice is already very powerful. The first time I heard it, I was moved to tears." This is exactly the inspiring power that the song wants to bring out, and it is also a new attempt for Alan, who first met people with an "imperfect" version of the song. "It will be released in early May. The studio version will bring another feeling, please look forward to it!”

<Birdman> demo title “Before” (acoustic vers.) Live version: