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Mischa's hit song "Am I Not Difficult Enough" won three championship songs

MV recorded over a million views on YouTube

"NEVER TOO LATE, MY PATH Mi WAY" was held last night

Album Live Scene 3

Announcement to fans in person

Share the cat owner's poop that is most concerned about in daily life under the epidemic

When the singer-songwriter Mischa released her new song "Am I Not Difficult Enough" earlier, it happened to meet the fifth wave of the outbreak. The title of the song resonated with many people, and in order to accompany everyone through this difficult time , Mischa held "NEVER TOO LATE, MY PATH Mi WAY" to face the difficulties on the Album Live. In addition to supporting the store with actions, he also wanted fans to stay safe at home and have a little entertainment while fighting the epidemic. Mischa held her 3rd performance last night. In addition to accompanying everyone with her singing, she also shared her daily anti-epidemic routine. Not only did she have a headache with the daily menu like many cooking women, she also mentioned her life as a cat slave. The most important thing is the poop of the masters!

Mischa admits that she sees a lot of unpleasant news every day, not only in Hong Kong, so she hopes that all unpleasantness will pass quickly. Mischa, who claims to be a super house girl, is even more at home during the epidemic. She shared her life under the epidemic on Live: "In addition to doing things, 98% of me will be in the house, and there are many houses. Well, I'm not used to it when I go out on the street. I have to do a job last week, so I have to take the car out. Everyone knows that it rained hard last week, and the visibility was very low. Slow down."

Like many people, Mischa stayed at home during the epidemic and had to worry about the three-meals-a-day menu every day. She couldn't help moaning in front of the camera: "I'm so tired!" But she joked that she just wanted to Let me express it, she will entertain herself on weekdays. She shared the PS Game "Horizon Forbidden West" that she loved recently in Live, and she was even more excited to sing the ending song "In the flood" in the game.

As for the most healing of Mischa's soul, I believe it is her cat owners! "Staying in the house a lot, I found that I have a deep understanding of cats, because I don't play games in the house, I live with cats, I will pay attention to what time they go to the toilet, go to the bathroom every day. How many times, when will they poop at the same time. If one day they have no poop, I will be very panic, I will check the shape of their poop, the texture is the same color, and I will go to Google search to find a cat Go to the toilet." When the talk got hot, Mischa even talked to the musician Mike, who is also a cat lover, about the cat scriptures.

Mischa sang a number of personal works such as "God Leaves Tears to Humans", "Hairball", "For Two" and "Bath Bath", and the theme song "Isn't it hard enough for me" was the finale. Mischa brings good news to fans! "Isn't it hard enough?" After winning the top spot on the all-time music pop chart and the new city's hottest local chart, it also reached the No. 1 spot on the ViuTV music program "Chill Club" recommendation list this past Sunday, becoming the first place in Mischa's career. The first three champion song! Mischa personally announced the good news to the fans: "I am very grateful! In fact, I am happy that my song is broadcast on this platform, which can be conveyed to more people to listen to, and can output more energy to help everyone spend such difficult days together. , I am so grateful, thank you so much everyone!”

And Mischa is even more happy! She revealed that the MV of "Isn't it Hard enough for me" has exceeded one million views on the YouTube channel! She was very happy and even joked that she would rather give up the opportunity to star in the MV in order to have more than one million hits next time. Mischa also mentioned that her colleague, Jason Chen, promised to direct the MV for her earlier, and she joked that it depends on whether it is suitable before it can be implemented!

"NEVER TOO LATE, MY PATH Mi WAY" faced difficulties on Album Live's 3rd performance:

1. Visibility

2. God left all tears to man

3. Hairball

4. In the flood [PlayStation game (Horizon Forbidden West) ending credits]

5. Serves for Two

6. Soak

7. Am I not hard enough