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Ye Qiaolin (Mischa) with her debut film "Accident"

Won the "Micro Film "Creation + Production" Support Program (Music)" Professional Category – Best Actress Gold Award

Unforgettable freezing cold to start work looking at opponents costumes can only envy

One shot shot NG 20 times

Grateful for the team's achievements and hope to hit the big screen again

Since her debut, Mischa has focused her career on music development. She can compose and sing, and has long been recognized by music fans. She unlocked one more achievement yesterday - acting! Mischa, in response to the micro-movie "Accident", was awarded the "Best Micro-Film Actress Gold Award" in the professional group at the "Micro-Film "Creation + Production" Support Program Award Ceremony held yesterday, which made Mischa super happy! The film also won the "Best Microfilm Production Award Silver Award" and the "Best Microfilm Screenwriter Award".

This is Mischa's first acting, but she said, "I am very happy to be able to participate in such a good work this time. In fact, when I was watching the awards, I saw the best When the screenwriter of the micro-movie won the award, I was already super happy! Because I really think the story is good, and it has a lot of suspense at the end, so there are so many Surprise, I think it is a very good one The script." Seeing that "Accident" won the award, she immediately sent a text message to congratulate Paco Wong (王青南), who wrote, directed and edited.

But Mischa never imagined that he would also win an award! She admitted that she had a little expectation of winning the award, but when she heard that the bronze and silver award winners were Hana Tan Xinglan and Shao Yinyin, she felt that she had no chance to win the gold award. When the gold award winner was announced, one could imagine how excited Mischa was! "It's my first time to act, and it's a very new thing to tell me, so I'm really happy that I'll get a gold award! It's because many people helped me first. I got it, after I received the script, I asked an acting coach – Yem Yuen (國奇文), who was really going to help me with the choreography. I went to two classes, and I tried my best to figure out how to act well, the action of the character. It should be connected, an inner monologue should be connected, and every dialogue should have an immediate reaction when speaking or listening to a dialogue, and the innermost words should be reflected, and there is a channel to guide me.” Mischa emphasized that this time Yem and Paco's guidance is all about the achievement and award: "We all went to research together, and during the process of exploration, I was fortunate to have two of them to help me, and in a movie, Paco actually guides all the way. I'll do it well.

praised by the director

Paco thanked Mischa for his contribution: "Thank you Mischa for helping me out as soon as I heard the news and participating in this competition. It was a pleasure to work with him. I was a little worried at the beginning. I didn't do any dramas, but I don't think his performance was outstanding. , Qu's performance has a very calm feeling. This is a trait that an actor should have, and he is born with it. Maybe he is a performer who studied vocal music, and he has already dealt with emotions. It’s so familiar, so he uses his emotions very easily.”

Paco also thanked Mischa for his willingness to cooperate and made his wish come true: "When I was shooting, I had already decided to have a shot at the beginning, and I told Mischa that he was very willing to cooperate. We have arranged several scenes. , I would like to thank Yem for your help, but without their cooperation, I couldn't find what I wanted to show in the video, which is Mischa's achievement of "Accident", so I am very grateful to him!" Mention this one Shot, about 5 to 6 minutes of footage, let Mischa, who is acting for the first time, eat 20 NGs! But Paco joked that it was a normal performance, and Mischa thanked the director for his patience, allowing her to complete a work without pressure. On the other hand, Mischa remembered that the weather was extremely cold during the first few days of work. Because the costumes were very thin, they froze violently when they were not buried. Fortunately, the assistant helped warm their feet. Seeing other actors wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers, I can only express envy . Mischa was also deeply impressed by the car speculation scene, she said with a smile, "Actually, the car is stationary, but we are going to pretend to fall down the mountain. One of our brothers and sisters outside is dressed as a tree branch, and the other is to chok the car. Alan ( Lu Junguang) screamed as he entered the car, everyone was so busy, and the effect seemed to be good when he got out.”

Looking forward to stepping into the film circle

Mischa, who has always been committed to music development, has unlocked new achievements this time, which made her realize that she may have more possibilities: "I feel like a small admission to win the gold award, which is an encouragement that makes me very happy, maybe In addition to singing, I have other developments in the film. I hope that there will be a chance to make a film in the future. It will be a level that I want to step into. Again, I really want to thank you for returning to the production. The team, especially Paco, hired someone with absolutely no film experience to shoot. This work won 3 awards, and I think our hard work was in vain.”

And "Accident" is actually related to Mischa's music. Her "God Left Tears to Man" was chosen as the song in the play. She pointed out, "When I wrote this song, I wrote it for a friend who left me. , I can use it in a micro-movie this time, as if giving him another life, I am very grateful, and I hope everyone will support him after watching it.”

Accident – The 9th [Micro Film "Creation + Production" Support Program (Music)]: