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The refreshing interpretation of the super talented Wei Li'anEDIFIER TO-U2 minitrue wireless bluetooth headset 
<strong>超才子韋禮安的清新演譯</strong><strong>EDIFIER TO-U2 mini</strong><strong>真無線藍牙耳機</strong> 

The world's first large-scale intelligent noise reduction, fashionable and beautiful voice gives life full of energy 

The creative genius Wei Li'an has been out for more than 12 years. His gentle and delicate singing and touching creative works have made him firmly in the status of a super talent in the music circle. He also announced the good news of the second half of the year on his birthday, which made fans excited. Not only that, he sang the theme song "If You Can" of "Old Moon", which has dominated the digital chart since its release. The MV has exceeded 42 million views on YouTube, which can be described as a divine comedy of a generation. He even recorded the Korean version of "If You Can". Even Korean producers praised him as being no different from Korean group idols, and the Bel Canto is popular in Korea! Wei Lian, who has a full schedule, is still full of energy, and his dedication to singing is amazing! In addition to music work, EDIFIER, a well-known headphone and audio brand, has also announced that Wei Li'an has become the image ambassador of the new TO-U2 mini true wireless Bluetooth headset, freshly interpreting the bel canto artifact full of literary and youthful feelings. He is busy preparing for the concert in the second half of the year, and Wei Li'an usually enjoys it. Listening to music alone in your spare time, you can get creative inspiration and motivation by listening to music and feeling the moving melody.