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Wei Li'an, a talented composer of golden songs, sends a surprise on his birthday  
<strong>金曲創作才子韋禮安 生日送驚喜 </strong> 

After 7 years, it is decided to stand on the Taipei Arena again in the second half of the year to sing  

"If You Can" Dominated the Charts for 100 Days and won the Top Ten Albums of Fengyun Singers  

Frequently affirmed to hand over beautiful music transcripts 

At the beginning of the spring, the five major brands cooperated with more than 20 activities in the first half of the year  

The popularity is amazing, and three birthday wishes are made 

<If you can> Push Weilian's pure vocal version for dedicated sound source for mixing  

Zhou Liming MDD is the first to launch a demonstration version 3/4 on the shelves 

Wei Li'an, a talented composer of golden songs, will celebrate his birthday tomorrow (3/5), and his acting energy continues to explode. His tailor-made theme song "If You Can" for the movie "Moon Old" has continued to dominate both KKBOX and Spotify in Taiwan since its release in November last year. It has been the No. 1 on the big digital platform charts for 100 days. From last year to this year, it has become the No. 1 of Taiwan's Hit FM Top 100 Singles. The MV has accumulated more than 40 million hits on YouTube, creating amazing results and was selected as one of KKBOX's top 10 singles. Great Storm Singer. The first English creation album "I'M MORE SOBER WHEN I'M DRUNK" released at the end of last year not only has a good reputation, but also appeared on Hit FM's top ten albums of the year, and also occupied the champion position on the digital chart; It has successively taken over the cooperation of 5 major brands, which shows the high popularity! On the eve of his birthday, he received the biggest gift, and decided to apply for the Taipei Arena in the second half of the year. After 7 years, he was finally going to stand on the stage of the Taipei Arena again, which made Wei Li'an look forward and excited and said: " After waiting for a long time, it's finally time to attack the egg again!" And immediately shared this long-awaited good news with fans and friends! At the same time as the announcement of the good news, it also launched the "If You Can" Pure Human Voice Source, which will be available on digital shelves on 3/4 (today). 

Wei Lian handed over a beautiful performance report card last year. One good song after another, from Chinese to English, has achieved top rankings. The invitations from all parties have continued. , In addition, he is preparing for a new Chinese album, and he is very busy. In addition to the performance, since the beginning of the spring, he has undertaken cooperation with five major brands. He recently announced that he has cooperated with the home appliance brand ECOVACS. The performance of the sweeping robot has been booming as soon as it was launched, and the effect has made customers very satisfied. The cooperation will be exposed one after another, making Wei Li'an more unstoppable! Also because of the full schedule of work, this year's birthday was also spent at work. He said that this year there will be a new album and a concert in the small dome, and he needs to work harder. Just like he always said: "Songs will not come out on their own. Continue to work!" And he may make a birthday wish: "Everyone is healthy, wealthy and free as soon as possible, and the new album and the concert at the Little Arena can go smoothly!" 

The last time Wei Lian stood on the Taipei Arena was 7 years ago. He entered the Taipei Pop Music Center at the end of the previous year and held two "After Standing" concerts. Not only did the tickets instantly smash, the super-standard performance of the concert The wonderful visuals have received excellent reputation, and fans are looking forward to him holding a large-scale solo concert at the Taipei Arena again! Now that he has got the venue, he is very excited and happy to be reunited with his long-awaited fans at the Taipei Arena, but the pressure also comes, he promises that there will be better music and more A good performance makes fans feel that the wait all the way is worth it. 

The annual Divine Comedy "If You Can", composed and sung by Wei Li'an, not only set off a craze for cover singing, but many well-known DJs also remixed this song. Wei Li'an and Sony Music simply released the pure human voice source, so that everyone can use the high-quality version to do it. Remix, hit a new spark! The pure vocal version can clearly hear Wei Li'an's wonderful singing skills, which makes people's ears pregnant, and will be officially released on 3/4 digital shelves. And the musical all-rounder Zhou Liming MDD also took the lead in using Wei Li'an's "If You Can" voice source to create a new "If You Can" Remix version, which is refreshing, even Wei Li'an praised it, and became a demonstration template for the remix version. Everyone is welcome. Leverage Willian's vocal source for even more creative remix arrangements! Taiwan's Sony Music specially held the "If You Can" Remix Challenge. The judges included Wei Li'an and JerryC, who co-created "If You Can", and Zhou Liming MDD. The champion prize was NT$30,000. For registration and selection details, please go to the official social network fans of Sony Music in Taiwan. group. 

The pure vocal version of Wei Li'an's "If You Can" will be officially launched on 3/4 digitally; the remixed version of Zhou Liming's MDD "If You Can" will also be officially launched on Zhou Liming's official YouTube channel on 3/4.