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Chen Boyu "With Me" IG Mini Live〉The fifth scene continues to sing Over 2,000 people watched 
<strong>陳柏宇〈有我</strong><strong> IG Mini Live</strong><strong>〉第五場繼續熱唱</strong><strong> </strong><strong>逾二千人收看</strong> 

Attracting "Sword God" Zhang Jialang to request songs from abroad 

Sing at the request of fans <EMr. Serial Unfortunate Events> 

On the spot, add Sing "So far" to express the meaning with the song 

Chen Boyu (Jason) held the fifth performance of the "There's Me IG Mini Live" series last night. A large number of fans were waiting for "Uncle Chen" early in the morning. More than 2,000 people attended, including "Expert" Xu Tingkeng Alfred and the Olympic gold medalist , "Sword God" Zhang Jialang! 

Jason met fans with his song as usual last night. During the performance, some fans noticed that Zhang Jialang, who was trained in France, was there to support him and kept leaving messages to mention Jason. Jason was very pleasantly surprised when he heard about it! Like other netizens, Zhang Jialang left a message to request songs, and sang "Dignity", "Farewell" and "Car Key" in succession. Jason then sang "Dignity". It has been sung in the middle, and Zhang Jialang rewatched the relevant clips, and he even laughed and told Zhang Jialang to watch the clips as live broadcasts. The netizens were very attentive and left messages to cheer for Zhang Jialang, and Jason also sent encouragement through the air. 

Jason sang "Forgive Me For Being Scared of the Dark", "People Around You" and other personal works last night, and also sang "Other People's Songs". What's more special is that he chose to sing "Brother" Leslie Cheung's classic work " "This Life, This World", "Heartful People" and "Chasing", although Jason did not say it explicitly, but I believe he is using songs to cherish the memory of this legendary singer and his predecessors with fans. 

Since the birth of the "With Me IG Mini Live" series, fans have all been on time and eager to sing. Jason has also tried his best to satisfy everyone. Last night, he finally fulfilled the wishes of netizens and sang the "E" that many people sang and sang many times. "Mr. Serial Misadventures", which made fans cry out with satisfaction. Another netizen sang "This is the end", hoping that the epidemic can be like the song's title "This is the end". Jason agreed that singing this point is very meaningful, so he sang it immediately. In addition, when Jason sang "View from the Door" and "Time Machine" by his friend Xiaofei, the netizen's helper madly tagged Xiaofei, and finally successfully "summoned" Xiaofei to watch the Live. Excited for fans. 

Although happy times always have to say goodbye, Jason has made an agreement with fans to continue to support next Saturday, and see what song he will sing to greet fans. 

Chen Boyu "With Me IG Mini Live":