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Chen Boyu's last live broadcast of "Have Me IG Mini Live" sang Canghai's legacy beads by music fans laughed and remembered the story behind the creation to rehabilitate himself
陳柏宇《有我 IG Mini Live》最後一次的直播 大唱滄海遺珠 被樂迷笑冇記性 回憶創作背後故事 為自己平反

In mid-March, Chen Boyu started the live broadcast series "I IG Mini Live" to cheer for the epidemic, and the epidemic has also declined recently. Last night, Jason conducted the last "I IG Mini Live" series of live broadcasts, especially for the People who are at home due to illness during the epidemic cheer. After many Live performances, Jason surprised fans last night, mainly performing his own songs, many of which are relics from the ocean over the years.

Last night's "Have Me IG Mini Live" was a special encouragement for those at home who were infected with the epidemic. Jason said at the beginning of the live broadcast: "I hope to sing this (last) night for you to listen to and cheer for you. I know it must be hard work, but You have to work hard and work hard!" During the period, some netizens left a message saying that the sore throat is very hard after suffering from Omicron, and Jason said: "I have never had a sore throat, but I have prickly heat. Today, I have a small prickly heat. When I sing first, I don't care to bite. Sometimes Abi (Jason's daughter Abigail) will put her finger in my mouth, and she will scratch my prickly heat." Abi, who is careful and careful, is also very naughty!

In addition to those who fell ill due to the epidemic, Jason also joined the Make-A-Wish Foundation (Wish Come True Fund) to cheer for sick children and parents. Brian, who has benefited, also shared his experience in the Live, saying: "My wish is to become a game engineer. Make-A-Wish simulates the working environment and procedures for my experience, and also contacts game companies in Hong Kong, arranges interview opportunities, and finally gets an internship opportunity and learns a lot about game production. With relevant experience, I hope that after graduating from university, I can return to the game industry and become a game engineer. My long-term dream will be to build a Game!" Jason also said, "I like to play games myself, so I appreciate writing about Games. Dear people, I hope you can one day make your wish come true!”

And last night's two-hour IG Mini Live was just like Jason's solo singing, except for "Preserving Forever", "Dear Enemy", "Drawing in Half", "Before Farewell", "Love This Time" In addition to the title songs such as "Something" and "Farewell to You", Jason also prepared a number of side tracks such as "The World of Two", "Mr. Adult", "Laughing at People", etc. to share with fans, and some songs such as "Nothing" Qualifications to Kiss", "On Every Line", "A Thousand Kinds of Love" and "Follow Me" even though there were no arrangements, but Jason also sang half of them to satisfy everyone, but when a loyal fan clicked to sing the duet with Hong Zhuoli "Pillar", Jason put a question mark on his head and asked, "I have a song called "Pillar"?" When Jason sang Wang Wanzhi's "How Far Is Forever" while thinking about it, fans left a funny message: "Last time first I talked about making a micro-movie with Hong Zhuoli", "Talking makes you know", "You don't remember a lot of songs yourself hahaha", "Jason's memory is like a goldfish", "Chen Bojie remembers the world", "Chen Bo is not a wave" Marry in a false name (㗎)" Just as the fans were happily leaving messages, Jason heard the message from the staff telling the fans, and he said: "Actually, it is "Cocoon"! The song appeared in the micro-movie, but the production The team didn't like the bass itself, so the key was changed to chorus, and then the group did it again to change to "pillar"." It turns out that even though the history is long, Jason still remembers the details!

At the end of the performance, Jason sang a few words of Sammi's "I can't bear to leave you" at the end. Music fans also left a message saying that I couldn't bear to give you a response. Jason said that it was only the end of this scheduled live broadcast series. He will continue to open Live from time to time to sing with everyone. Next There will be an announcement on the week, please pay close attention to his social network announcement details!

Chen Boyu "I have IG Mini Live":