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Chen Boyu's outdoor Live in the rain to thank the fans for the Blu-ray Boxset's big sale 
陳柏宇冒雨戶外Live答謝Fans演唱會Blu-ray Boxset大賣                                          強悍歌聲唱出與本地Rapper合作新歌〈墜落〉感覺Rock爆 

In order to thank the outside world for the support of "Chen Boyu Fight For _ Live in Hong Kong Coliseum" 2CDs + Blu-ray Boxset, Jason Chan held an outdoor Mini Live in Tseung Kwan O especially this past weekend, during which he took the lead in singing a small part, 5 The new song "Falling" was officially released on March 13, attracting 300 fans to stop and appreciate it in the rain. 

Following "Worthy of Myself" and "With Me", Jason's new work "Falling" was composed by Chen Sihan, with lyrics by T-Rexx, and local independent music Rapper Novel Fergus participated in it. A group of young musicians used the best music for Jason. The authentic lyrics are integrated into the song, singing how to face the sudden changes from an objective and subjective point of view. Novel Fergus is a popular local rapper. His works "Black Water Ghost" and "Supreme Treasure" have more than one million views on YouTube. During this collaboration with Jason, the sparks continue to make "Falling" different from Jason's past works. The elements of Rock and Hip Hop are infiltrated, which makes people look forward to it. 

陳柏宇冒雨戶外Live答謝Fans演唱會Blu-ray Boxset大賣                                          強悍歌聲唱出與本地Rapper合作新歌〈墜落〉感覺Rock爆 

It was drizzling from time to time at the outdoor Mini Live that day, but 300 fans were all set to listen to Jason sing. In addition to singing "Worthy of Myself", "Have Me", "Cross Nerve" and "Want to Create", Jason also sang a small part of the new song "Falling" for the first time. More than 300 music fans were the first to appreciate the new song. Listening to it, Jason even hilariously revealed that he mispronounced the title of the song, saying, "The new song is called "Falling", but I'm talking about "Falling", haha! Don't you think the two words sound like baa? Some journalists and friends have said it wrong." , During the Live, Jason's daughter Abi was always looking for her father. Jason simply hugged her and sang. At the end of the show, he approached the audience with Jason to say hello and take photos. The shy skin, and the more shy Jason, are very cute.