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Lam Yik Kuang

Lin Yikuang (Phil), a famous singer-songwriter in Hong Kong, became popular in the early days of his debut with a number of positive and inspirational works, such as "High Mountains and Lows", "Hymns", "A Rare Encounter", "A Hands", etc. He won several music awards for him. He released his breakthrough album "Finding Charlie" in 2020, which allowed Phil to regain his original passion for music and the courage to create. Among them, the Taiwanese songs "Lonely On the Other Side", "Black Square", "Rereading Interest Class" And so on to become the champion song of the major pop charts.

In early 2021, Phil will act as a saxophonist, working with Disney and Hong Kong's largest symphony band True Colors Symphony to re-interpret "A Whole New World" of "Aladdin". Lin Yikuang held two consecutive solo concerts in 2021, bringing an unforgettable performance to the full audience. His latest mini-album "Philosophy" talks to you about a "Kang" philosophy from a simple and easy-to-understand perspective. The album made him understand himself better, understand his music, and even take the initiative to express himself. It was a beautiful musical journey.