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<strong>布志綸</strong><strong>Alan Po</strong><strong>本年度首推新作〈飛鳥俠〉</strong> 
Bo ZhilunAlan PoThis year's premiere new work "Birdman"  05/06/2022
New song and MV are now available! Retired superhero returns to defeat evil forces Special film elements MV and 8-frame comics echo before and after the launch of Alan’s robbery is not a joke. […]
《陳柏宇 Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum》(CD + BLU-RAY) Boxset推出一週銷量稱冠
"Jason Chan – FIGHT FOR Live in Hong Kong Coliseum" (CD + BLU-RAY) Boxset Top Sales 04/29/2022
Chen Boyu's filming demonstration comes with the Card Game gameplay and Chen Bo's unique commentary to try to solve problems for netizens. Finally, he played the "Flying" card and ended with Jason's second solo concert in the Red Pavilion "Chen Boyu Jason Chan – FIGH […]
日前Billboard 公佈了2022 年國際上最具影響力人士名單 (Billboard 2022 International Power Players)
Billboard has announced the 2022 list of the most influential people in the world (Billboard 2022 International Power Players) 04/29/2022
Congrats to three Sony Music executives @Shridhar Subramaniam, @Andrew Chan and @Rajat Kakar for being selected! Asia and the Middle East are two of the most dynamic and fastest-growing music markets in the world, and in recent years Sony […]
The red line of "Yue Lao" leads from South Korea to Japan!  04/25/2022
The annual number one single "If You Can" Launches Japanese Version Wei Lian WeiBird Across Languages! Gentle and touching Japanese singing The blockbuster "Yue Lao", which broke 100 million at the box office within two weeks of its release last year, was released in major Korean cinemas in February this year, setting off the topic; now it will […]